The Living Life for a Living Tour with Rob Hill Sr. Living Life for a Living Tour - Chicago

Lifestyle Specialist, Kenny Burns, teamed up with the Heart Healer, Rob Hill Sr., to inspire, educate, and show you just how REAL living your DREAMS can be. Both creative innovators in their own right, Hill and Burns have collaborated to bring people a multi-city tour standing firm on the pillars of: Love, Loss, Life, and Legacy.

How do you bounce back after loss? How do you continue to love after you’ve been hurt? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to live the life you feel you deserve? What will your legacy be after you’re gone? If any one of these questions have ever crossed your mind, then this tour is for you!

Neither Burns nor Hill have taken the traditional route to success. Though on the surface their paths appear to be completely different, both have had dynamic experiences on their route to living out their dreams. No matter the person, path, or profession, we all face similar battles in life. We all have to fight through rejection, lack of support, maintaining our integrity; and we must possess the discipline and focus required to succeed at anything. Hill and Burns powerful delivery and unique perspective on life as a whole show us all just how life-changing thinking outside of the box can be.