s43 Portrait: Kelly Rowland (Part 1 of 2)

s43 Portrait: Kelly Rowland (Part 2 of 2)

Lifestyle Specialist, Kenny Burns, sits down exclusively with the amazingly talented, Kelly Rowland, in this intimate look at her newfound happiness, growth as a woman and incredible success. In part one of our two-part Portrait, Kelly discusses the importance of the women in her life – including Beyoncé and Michelle Williams – her new partnership with Jaguar as the face of the new F-Type and the importance of partnering with the correct brands.
“I go hard for Michelle and Beyonce” she states in the interview, also laughing about a recent Instagram photo posted by Beyoncé in which Bey is holding up both Jay Z’s Magna Carta album and Kelly’s new album, Talk a Good Game and her recent celebration with Michelle for Michelle’s birthday. She goes on to discuss her love for the F-Type Jaguar which she calls, “classy, beautiful and smooth” and has personally nicknamed the ‘Marvin’ [Gaye] of luxury cars.
To close the piece, Burns asks Kelly, “where do you see it [your career] going?” Quoting Jay Z from his recent Samsung commercial, Kelly responds, “we make the rules” – making it clear that the transition from her iconic history with Destiny’s Child is complete and she is ushering in a new phase for herself that has no limits.